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The field is set! Let's shoot a field archery round

The world of field archery in The Bahamas is making a statement in the sporting world letting everyone know that archery is as diverse of a sport track and field. With this second annual archery event Bahamas Field Archery Association (BFAA) is expanding the sport of archery's base of participants by offering a very widely practiced style of archery appealing to the wider public.

This tournament is designed this year for local archers to participate and put their skills to practice. However, international archers are more than welcomed to shoot this event.

The rules of this event are modified World Archery Field rules. The most obvious modification is 8 known and 8 unknown targets for our event verses 24 known and 24 unknown for World Archery Field rules. This format is a perfect opportunity for local archers to get their feet wet in the game of field archery.

Do you have a charity you would like to raise money for? This 2nd Annual Field Archery Tournament is the perfect platform to make it happen. Teams will compete for their charity. Funds will be raised through tournament registration funds. The winning team will be donating all of their earns to the cause, charity or non-profit of their choice.

The divisions of this tournament are diverse and include Olympic Recurve, Compound and Barebow for youth and adults (male and female). For rules, list of divisions, registration cost and form see event page below:

Date: March 29th - 30th 2019

Venue: Agriculture Expo Grounds, Gladstone Rd.

Time: 8am - 4pm

Format: Field Archery

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