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Tasso Roker is a two time winner

The tournament weekend started last Friday with the open of the official tournament practice day with archers moving in and out of the field shooting to sight in their bows for the big day on Saturday March 30th 2019.

Tasso Roker holding presentation cheque
Tasso Roker - BFAA

Practice went well for the most part but left archers praying for less windy conditions for the following day.

The hotly contested championship title for this tournament was on the minds of all 6 participants of the compound division of the tournament. With rain wind and overcast conditions for most of the day, archers shot their rounds with persistence and diligence.

This event was shot with modified World Archery Field Rules:

- 8 targets per round

- 2 rounds (1st known, 2nd unknown)

- Cumulative Scoring 

- World Archery Field Target Faces

- Scoring 1 - 6

- Targets set at distances 20 - 40yrds

- 3 Arrows shot per target

- 40 yrd target faces 80cm

- 20 - 39 target faces 60cm

- 288 possible points

The tournament started at 10:30am and ended 2:45pm and was packed with excitement from start to finish with Steve Jackson taking the known distance round with 115 points and Tasso Roker-the raining champion-very close behind with 114 points and Robert Whittingham and Monty Roker tying that first round with 107 points.

In the end Tasso Roker was crowned the winner of this tournament for the second straight year with 231 points of a possible 288 points.

Director of Bahamas Field Archery Association - BFAA Antonio Abraham said he was very pleased with the performance of each archer shooting on a high level with competitors contributing to a very competitive event in very windy and rainy conditions.

Abraham encourages the public to support these events by attending and lending your support to your favorite archer and if you don't have one, you certainly will, by the end of the event.

Many thanks to these corporate sponsors:

- McDonalds Bahamas (DanBrad Limited)

- Cavalier Construction Company

- Bahamas Wholesale Agency

- Bumblebee Landscaping Company

- Archery Culture

Complete tournament results are posted on BFAA's website:

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