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Tasso is Mr. Undefeated

Can Tasso Roker be defeated?

That’s the question on everyone’s mind when it comes to this man’s performance in field archery tournaments in The Bahamas.

The Bahamas Field Archery Association - BFAA is on stage 2 of its 2019 archery season and hosted the two day tournament this past weekend at the Lyford Cay Real Estate lake front property on Munning’s Road.

Round 1 started at 10:30am Saturday June 22nd with the known distance competition whereas competitors shot a series three (3) arrows at eight (8) targets ranging from 20 to 45 yards away.

Competitors braved the scorching heat of the Bahamian summer of 86 degrees. The weather wasn’t the only source of heat as things heated up between Steve Jackson and Tasso Roker leading the round. “Steveo” as he is affectionately called on the field, shot a perfect 18 on target 8 and Tasso, who has now been nicknamed “Mr. Undefeated” shot a near perfect 17 on target 7. Ultimately, Mr. Undefeated took the known distance round with 120 points and Steveo trailing very closely behind by a mere one (1) point with 119 points.

The following day, round 2, the unknown distance round was met with more comfortable weather conditions with some cloud cover and light breeze blowing in from Lake Killarney.

The field was reset with each of the targets shifted and the distances confuddled as to confuse the competitors of the distance they are shooting, increasing the level of difficulty.

Even with the increased difficulty and not knowing what distance they are shooting from, the archers were still able to post scores of over 100 points with both Monty and Tasso Roker tie at 108 points and Steveo with 104 points.

In the end Mr. Undefeated lived up to his name posting the winning score of 228 points out of possible 288 points.

Director of Bahamas Field Archery Association Antonio Abraham says “what these local tournaments do is bring the international FITA field archery format to The Bahamas on a smaller scale. We’ve designed this competition to be 1/3 of the size of a FITA field archery event but even if it were the standard 24 targets per round, these competitors would still hold their own”

Mr. Abraham encourages the public to reach out to BFAA on facebook and find out how to get involved in the sport of archery.

Stage 3 of the BFAA field archery tournament is scheduled for July with two (2) more stages before the international Bahamas Shoot on October 31st to November 03rd 2019 in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

With very talented shooters from North America traveling to Freeport for this event and $30,000+ up for grabs, Mr. Undefeated and other local shooters will have their work cut out for them at The Bahamas Shoot this year.

Mr. Abraham expresses many thanks to Lyford Cay Real Estate for sponsoring the venue for this shoot and appeals to the business community to support the BFAA’s endeavors to get more residence involved in the positivity and excitement that comes with the sport of archery.

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