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Benefits of Membership

Get Exclusive Members Only Update

​Members get exclusive updates participation regulations, tournament updates, promotional codes to travel, merchandise and other deals as well as updates on latest happening in the BFAA network.

Earn Awards and Recognition for your Archery Skills

BFAA offers a variety of Awards Programs for the archers that climb the ranks in tournaments and on club level as bow-hunters and competition archers.

Compete in BFAA Tournaments

​Participate in all events including National & International Outdoor, Indoor, 3D tournaments, Youth & School Championships and set your scores on The Archery of The Year Score Board.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance for local archers to The Bahamas is available with annual registration. Insurance will include coverage at BFAA tournaments and practice at BFAA designated open ranges.

$30 additional annually.

$50 per yr.
$90 per yr.
$75 per yr.

Types of Registration

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